Ellie Taagen


Quantitative Genetics | Recombination Science | Cornell University




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Peer-reviewed manuscripts

  1. Taagen, E., Tanaka, J., Gul, A. & Sorrells, M. E. Positional-based cloning ‘fail-safe’ approach is overpowered by wheat chromosome structural variation (2021) The Plant Genome. DOI
    A cautionary tale about structural variation and polyploidy, plus recommendations for more successful approaches to identifying causal variants. All of the data and scripts are open source and reporoducible - visit the repo here.

  2. Taagen, E., Bogdanove, A. J. & Sorrells, M. E. Counting on Crossovers: Controlled Recombination for Plant Breeding (2020) Trends in Plant Science. DOI
    Opinion piece exploring the boundaries of homologous recombination (mitosis) or crossovers (meiosis) for increased control over the inheritance of preferred haplotypes.

  3. Taagen, E., Bogdanove, A. J. & Sorrells, M. E. Achieving Controlled Recombination with Targeted Cleavage and Epigenetic Modifiers (2020) Trends in Plant Science. DOI
    Companion infographic brief to controlled recombination opinion piece, highlighting the advantages and challenges of this technology.

  4. Song, Y.H., Kubota, A., Kwon, M. S., Covington, M. F., Lee, N., Taagen, E., Cintrón, D. L., Hwang, D. Y., Akiyama, R., Hodge, S. K., Huang, H., Nguyen, N. H., Nusinow, D. A., Millar, A. J., Shimizu, K. K. & Imaizumi, T. Molecular basis of flowering under natural long-day conditions in Arabidopsis (2018) Nature Plants. DOI
    Formalizes important approach for optimizing simplified laboratory conditions based on plant response in nature.

Book chapters

  1. Sweeney, D. W., Sun, J., Taagen, E. & Sorrells, M. E. Genomic Selection in Wheat. In Applications of Genetic and Genomic Research in Cereals 273-302 (2019) Woodhead Publishing. DOI